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Books! Books! Books!

Last week Mrs Hudson and I visited the school library bus. Steve, who drives the bus, shared with us lots of new,Read the Rest »


Year 2 have been invited to a very special tea party!

Our new topic this term began with a very exciting game of ‘Who Am I?’.  We all had to write our favouriteRead the Rest »


All aboard!

This term Year 4 had a brilliant WOW day all about The New Forest and Brockenhurst. A special bus arrived and askedRead the Rest »

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Down on the farm!

Reception children have been learning all about farms! We have learned lots of songs about farm animals and we have read many exciting farm stories.Read the Rest »

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Goslings meet the chicks!

We were very excited in Goslings as Foundation Stage were given 6 eggs in an incubator to look after until they hatched.Read the Rest »


Can we rely on your vote?

At the end of last term we started think about voting and the upcoming General Election and how important this is ifRead the Rest »