School Aims & Vision

At Somerford Primary we are striving to achieve the following aims:

  • To raise attainment and accelerate progress for all children
  • To become a centre of excellence for our community
  • To be an outward facing school which learns from others and is also a place where everyone, whether an adult or a child, is a valued learner
  • To be an inclusive, nurturing school which champions all of children all of the time
  • To be a safe, happy, fun and exciting place to learn and to work

We want our children to: 

    Enjoy    Achieve    Aspire          

  • We want all children to enjoy their time at school 
  • We want them to achieve academic success at least in line, if not above the national expectation.
  • We want them to experience new things, have new opportunities and instil within them aspiration and drive for success.