Curriculum Enrichment

We want our children to participate in as broad and as rich a curriculum as possible. We are constantly looking at ways to enrich and enhance our curriculum. We seize every opportunity to widen our children’s experiences both during the school day and beyond.


We want our children to have as broad and rich curriculum as we can.  We have created a list of 50 things to do before you leave Somerford.  Each child has a copy of this list in a booklet and as they complete items they tick them off.  The list includes a wide range of things from writing a letter to someone famous or learning to skip to planting, growing and eating something or watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly.  Have a look at your child’s booklet and see how many you can tick off.


We believe that residential learning experiences can have a huge impact on learning and development.  At Somerford Primary we offer two residential trips.

In Year 4 our children have the opportunity to visit Leeson House Field Studies Centre in Langton Matravers for two days and one night.  The children take part in a range of activities some of which are led by the specialist teacher at Leeson House.  The children also do a great deal of learning about staying away from home including: clearing up after meals, making beds.

In Year 6 the children are offered the chance to go to Fairthorne Manor in Botley,  Hampshire.  The children stay in tents for five days and four nights and take part in a range of outdoor activities including kyaking, climbing, survival skills and raft building. 

We appreciate that residential visits can be expensive, so we offer families the opportunity to pay for the trips in installments over the course of the year.  Families who are in receipt of certain benefits are entitled to pay a reduced rate for the residential visits.  If you are unsure whteher you qualify for a reduced rate please click here to go to an elibility checker.  If you have any concerns regarding paying for trips, please speak to Mrs Thacker our finance office


Assembly times are key moments which bring our community together daily.  At Somerford we believe that our assemblies are important opportunities to enhance the learning and development of all the children.  Our assemblies address our key curriculum values, encouraging the children to Enjoy Achieve and Aspire their work.  They also look at the British values of democracy, tolerance, the rule of law, repect and individual liberty as well as consolidating our key learning behaviours of being Ready, Respectful and Safe.  As well as these key values, our assemblies will also address religious festivals, events in the news or upcoming events or projects in school. 

We also use assemblies as opportunities to share learning with parents in our class assemblies as well celebrating successes such as our Green Leaf assemblies, KS2 celebration assemblies and attendance assemblies.

Our assemblies are mainly delivered by senior leadership team as well as other staff and other visitors to the school.


As a school we are constantly looking for ways to engage the children in their learning and development.  Whilst we often take the children out of school on trips and visits, we also regularly invite visitors into the school to work with and inspire the children.

These visitors may be related to the topics individual year groups are studying or for a whole school.

We will keep you informed about visitors through the school’s Twitter account and Marvellous Me.


At Somerford we offer a wide range of trips and experiences away from the school site.  These can range from trips into the local community to Watermans park or High Cross church or to other Christchurch locations such as the beach, Pizza Express or the Red House Museum.

We also take children further afield to places such as the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium, Buckler’s Hard, Marwell Zoo or the Tank Museum.

All of our visits are carefully planned with the children’s learning and development at the heart.  We ask for contributions towards the costs of the trips to ensure that we can offer the children the broadest curriculum possible, however we carefully consider when the trips take place across the year to ensure that they are spread out.


We offer a wide range of afterschool clubs aimed at both KS1 and KS2 children from football to homework club or samba to construction.  Our clubs are designed to reflect and enhance our curriculum.  Most of our clubs are free of charge to children and are staffed by our teachers and run on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evenings. Parents are able to sign up for their children to attend clubs each half term with Mr Walsh before school.  Please see our club letter for each half term below.

The school hall is also used by several external clubs including karate and tag rugby at the weekends.


We are always looking for ways to work in partnership with our parents.  We feel it is vitally important to share our curriculum with our families and give them opportunities to engage in their children’s learning.

We regularly invite our parents in to school to share in their children’s curriculum.  Already this year we have held a reading morning, a maths morning and a history afternoon. These events are popular and offer the chance for families to find out about the children are learning about and how we choose to teach it.  There are also opportunities for them to have a go themselves.  Look out for upcoming events showcasing other areas of the curriculum as well as regular favourites such as class assemblies, sports days and books at bedtime.