Somerford Primary School – Board of Governors 2020-2021

Michael KnightCo-opted by Governors21.10.2019-20.10.2023Chair of Governors
Helen FramptonHeadteacherEx-officio
Jenny CutlerParent Governor30.11.2020-29.11.2024
Tracy GrayStaff Governor27.09.2021-26.09.2025
Kath Hudson Co-opted by Governors 27.09.2021-26.09.2025
Dionne JohnsonCo-opted by Governors21.10.2019-20.10.2023
Alison MedlicottCo-opted by Governors18.01.2021-17.01.2025
Rev. Paul O’ConnorLA Appointed Governor02.11.2021-01.11.2025
Philippa SlingerCo-opted by Governors30.11.2020-29.11.2024Vice Chair
Brian TownshendLGB appointedClerk to Governors
If you wish to contact the Governing Board please do so via the Clerk to the Governors at the following email address:

The Local Authority Governor is appointed by BCP Council

Committee Membership – all Governors attend the Full Governing Board

Fred CrossmanResigned 19.10.2021
Kerry Leighton-BaileyResigned 01.03.2021
Christine EmeryResigned 28.04.2021
Kym GainesResigned 23.07.2021

Hazel GillettResigned 21.10.2019
Ashley GazeResigned 21.11.2019
Ken StevensonTerm of Office expired 16.12.2019
Tracy BlickResigned 06.01.2020
Kathryn KingResigned 24.02.2020
John StevensResigned 06.07.2020

Michael KnightChair of Governors
Rev. Paul O’Connor
Dionne Johnson
Judith O’HareExternal Advisor – BCP

Rev. Paul O’ConnorChair
Helen Frampton
Michael Knight
Philippa Slinger

Rev. Paul O’Connor
Dionne Johnson
Philippa Slinger
Role – subjectGovernorRole – otherGovernor
MathsDionne Johnson Assessment/Catch-Up PremiumVacancy
English (Reading)Vacancy EYFSAlison Medlicott
Geography/HistoryVacancy AttendanceRev. Paul O’Connor
ScienceVacancy Pupil PremiumDionne Johnson
MusicVacancy SENDDionne Johnson
Art/Modern Foreign LanguageMichael Knight Child Protection (Safeguarding)/LACRev. Paul O’Connor
DTAlison Medlicott MedicinesDionne Johnson
Computing/ICTRev. Paul O’Connor H & S/PremisesMichel Knight
PSHEJenny Cutler FinanceVacancy
RERev. Paul O’Connor Governor InductionBrian Townshend (Clerk)
PE/Sports PremiumPhilippa Slinger Governor TrainingBrian Townshend (Clerk)
   Governor MentoringVacancy
   Staff WellbeingVacancy

Link areas will be reviewed annually at the start of each academic year.

Next review date : September 2021

Name       Date of Appointment 
as Governor
Directorships, partnerships & employments with businesses that provide goods or services to school (S) Trusteeships& Governorships  Any other potentially relevant interest  
Jenny Cutler30.11.2020Parent GovernorNoneNoneNone
Helen Frampton Ex-officioHeadteacherNoneNoneHeadteacher
Tracy Gray27.09.2021Staff Governor None None None
Kathryn Hudson27.09.2021Co-opted by FGB NoneNoneNone
Dionnne Johnson21/10/2019Co-opted by FGBNoneNoneNone
Michael Knight21/10/2019Co-opted by FGB None None None
Alison Medlicott18/01/2021Co-opted by FGBNoneChristchurch Learning Centre – GovernorNone
Rev Paul O’Connor01/11/2017Co-opted by FGBNoneNoneNone
Philippa Slinger30/11/2020Co-opted by FGB None None None
21/09/2030/11/2018/01/2115/03/2126/04/2110/05/2121/06/21% attendance
Helen FramptonY Y YYYYX86%
Rev Paul O’ConnorYYXYXYX57%
Kym GainesYYYYXYX71%
Michael KnightYYYYYYY100%
Dionne JohnsonYYYYYYX86%
Lynne ReganXYYYXXX41%
Phillipa SlingerN/AYYYXYY83%
Christine EmeryN/AYNY N/A N/A N/A 67%
Jenny Cutler N/A YYYXYY83%
Kerry Dixon-Leigh N/A YY N/A N/A N/A N/A 100%
Alison Medlicott N/A N/A YYXYY80%
Fred Crossman N/A N/A YYXYX60%
Key : Y = Attended X = Did not attend