Maths Resources

In our experience, children learn best when they are having fun.  That is what games are for!

Children make the best progress as mathematicians when they regularly repeat skills and practise them until they come embedded.  This can be quite a long process sometimes and so using an exciting game or interesting activity to help with their maths can be highly motivating.  

Here are some useful websites where you can find some games to help you practise your maths.

We encourage the children to use Times Tables Rockstars as often as they can to improve their speed at recalling their times tables.  Maybe they could challenge one of the teachers to a rock slam! 

Fractions Wall

Place Values

100 Square

Multiplication Square

Minus 20 to 100 Number Line

Odds and Evens

3-D Shape Display Posters

1000 Number Square

Percentages Decimals and Fractions Number Line Tenths Downloadable Activity Sheets

National Centre for Excellence in the teaching of Maths

Home Learning Maths Guidance For Schools and Parents In Primary Schools

HAMILTON TRUST have created resources for all year groups to help support home learning. They will continue to provide weekly resources to be used for maths and English  for the foreseeable future.  For details please click HERE

Please find additional maths resources for all year groups that you can use for the first few weeks of the Summer term HERE

Please find a link to access free interactive resources on the ‘Classroom Secrets‘ website by clicking HERE 

TheWhite Rose Maths Team have lots of resources set up for you HERE. You can also look up their ‘Problems of the Day

Maths Playground : You can access a range of online games for most areas of the maths curriculum using the following website   As this is an American website, there are activities separated into grades, so as a reference, Grade 1=Year 2 level, and so on, so Grade 6 is typically Year 7.

Mathletics  : Although you have to pay for part of this website, you can download free worksheets, games and activities HERE

AFC Bournemouth have provided these fun worksheets : AFC Bournemouth – Maths Pack