This year we are changing our Home Learning Policy and we will be solely focussing on the skills of reading, spelling and numeracy skills.

Each week your child will be expected to read to an adult at least three times at home and have their home school book signed.  Every time they do receive a signature, they will be awarded a raffle ticket for our weekly prize draw. Please encourage your child to read a range of text types and refer to the questions in your child’s home school book when listening to them.

Each week, your child will be given a set of spellings to learn from the lists in their home school books and they will be tested on these in school in different ways.

Each year group also has key times tables that children are expected to know by the end of the year along with their division facts:

Children will be expected to learn these each week.

Your child has a log on and password for Easimaths which is an online program.  They are expected to access this at home where possible.

Your child also has a log on for ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’. This online program will help your child improve the speed and recall of multiplication and corresponding division facts.

If you have any questions about your child’s home learning, please do not hesitate to ask your child’s class teacher.