Other Activities & Ideas

We have also identified a wide range of other activities that the cjhildren might like to do while they are at home.



Science doesn’t have to be taught in a laboratory.  There are lots of interesting things which you can be doing at home in the kitchen or garden if you have one.  We will be adding activities and links here for you to try out.

Starters for STEM – Easter Edition

These activities are easy to resource and provide children with the stimulus to talk about the world around them. If you see a link you can explore how to extend these activities, you will need to sign up, for free, to access these materials. Don’t forget to share your work on social media #ScienceFromHome


ART CHALLENGE NO. 1 – Still Life Drawing


ART CHALLENGE NO. 2 – To Draw Book Characters from Observation

‘Ratburger’ by Leighton Franklin – Year 4
Tabby McTat by Hope Eastwood – Year 2

ART CHALLENGE NO. 3 – To create a repeating pattern inspired by the rainbow tribute to the NHS

ART CHALLENGE NO. 4 – Draw a portrait from observation

Art Challenge No. 4 – Draw a Portrait from Observation

Harry from Year Five is leading the way with this art challenge, which is to draw and colour a portrait. You’ll recognise the character Harry has chosen. You can choose anyone to draw, as long as you can see them in person or have a photograph.

Lightly sketch an outline of the face and features. Focus on proportion – how the facial features fit together. Follow the diagram.

When you are happy with your light sketch you can begin to add more detail and shading.

Now you can add colour or continue to use a pencil to shade in your drawing. Focus on areas of light and dark to create contrast. This will help your drawing look more 3D.

Next focus on the character’s face and try to show their emotion and personality. Are they happy, excited, sad, cross, etc?

Finally, take your time and enjoy yourself. You can use any media you have available: crayons, pens, pencils or paints.


Quick & Easy CookingEncourage your children to join you in the kitchen while home from school. They will have plenty of fun while improving their cookery skills. Get them involved with weighing, mixing and, of course, eating!


Now that we have a little more time than we would normally have, why not try learning something completely new to you.  There are some links below which you might find interesting. 

Why not try learning sign language

First Aid is always a useful skill to have